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The Estate Roast Series

The Estate Roast Series is an online only offering of our premium roasts.

We have sourced the highest quality green beans for this series. And like all online orders, each bag is roasted on demand and shipped directly to you to guarantee the freshest coffee possible.

Coffee Box?

Coffee can be purchased from our self-serve coffee box located on 28th Street in Killarney. Just south of the Korean Full Gospel Church.

Also serves as a pick-up spot for our on demand online orders.

💡 TIP: Double-check the instagram account @28beansroastery to confirm if there's stock available.

Cash and e-Transfer ( available at the box.

Credit card purchases through this website where you can pick and pay for what you want, then pick up at the box the following day.

What is Degassing?

Coffee beans need to rest about two days post-roast before the flavour really peaks.

During this time the beans can mellow and release some carbon dioxide in a process known as "Degassing".

So while fresh coffee is great, let's give it a little time to get comfortable.

What grinder is right for you?

Your coffee grinder can make a substantial difference in the quality of your cup.

Let's take a quick look at the difference between blades vs. burrs.

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